It is with great pride, joy and honor that we present to you the ICAP business edition “Golden Anniversaries”, released on Saturday 25 September 2021, with the newspaper “TA NEA Savvatokyriakou” (rich edition) in Athens and Thessaloniki as well as in Ministries, Institutions , Chambers and Embassies and is available electronically (in e-book), on the ICAP website, and in which our company was selected to participate, as a major contributor for this year’s publication.

This anniversary is indeed GOLD for our company because it hides all the daily efforts, the insistence on detail, the dedication to the goals, which are none other than the best possible service for our customers with the best possible full-scale IT offers.

From 1983 until today…

Along with the efforts, this anniversary also hides the joy of our reward and also our excitement to share with you the next steps of our company in the near future.

We dedicate this article to all our partners, that made all this possible during the years that passed, and sincerely hope that the future holds many more endeavors and opportunities, for us to tackle together.

“Find us on page 45 of the e-book”

You can find the whole ICAP e-book on this URL:

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