Consumer self-ordering by NCR increases same-store sales and reduces costs

In this mobile age, on-demand consumers form a crucial growing segment of the global population:
They’re fully connected and often prefer purchasing via devices. These tech-savvy patrons want to engage with your brand on their terms—online, on-premises, on social media, mobile apps, text or voice.

The omni-channel revolution is the ultimate expression of these demands and expectations, shared among these
energized consumers. NCR harnesses the strongest leading-edge technologies to bring the advanced
solutions you need to satisfy your advanced customers every day.

Main Idea:
NCR’s Consumer Self-Ordering is a powerful component of an imperative omni-channel restaurant strategy. Elegant and easy-to-use, this kiosk-based solution will delight your self-service patrons who prefer to input their own orders and payments or avoid bottlenecks and delays.


The ROI is compelling
Patrons spend 20% more on average when they create their own orders with
technology compared to working with front-of-house staff.* And by offloading orders
and payments to this technology, managers can reduce labor costs or reallocate staff
to further improve customer service.
Cutting-edge technology speeds customer engagement
The powerful NCR SelfServ XK22 kiosk runs on Intel® dual and quad-core processors.
Its all-glass 22-inch zero-bezel display gives you the real estate to upgrade your menu’s visual appeal with professional images—or even exploded-view renderings. Meanwhile, your customers will appreciate the smooth and responsive feel from the screen’s high-end PCAP multi-touch technology. Tight integration with NCR Loyalty accrues points and applies rewards, adding the personalization that 70% of on-demand customers say they appreciate. Also especially important is the XK22’s eye-catching looks and inviting presence: Engaging and intriguing your customers leads to fast adoption and sustained use.
Flexibility creates the perfect fit
Uniquely versatile with multiple peripheral choices and mounting options, the XK22 adapts to fit your venue just as well as your business needs. Flexibly positioned on a counter-top, wall or the ADA-compliant pedestal, its compact footprint can accommodate your tightest spaces. The all-in-one XK22 supports built-in receipt printers, 2-D imager, HD camera, tap-and-go loyalty, coupon bin, EAS system security and ADA accessibility keypads, as well as Equinox, Ingenico and Verifone payment devices with EMV chip, mag-stripe and NFC.
Easy deployment — and ROM & NCR Services supports you all the way
With the XK22’s quick and efficient setup and installation, you’ll get these new kiosks on line fast and driving ROI without special services or interruptions to your operations. NCR is 100% committed to helping you maintain optimal system performance at minimum expense, offering cost-effective standard maintenance plans all the way up to business-critical support services.


  • Stylish and innovative all-in-one self-ordering solution that feels familiar to any smartphone user
  • Flexible mounting options: single or dual-sided purpose-designed floor pedestal, wall or counter-top
  • Smooth and responsive projected capacitive (PCAP) all-glass screen with 10–point multi-touch
  • Toughness and long life built in, with hardened materials and components to survive self-service.
  • Strategic NCR-Intel partnership ensures 10-year availability and support span.

Technical Specifications


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